I Am Obsessed With Healthy Lifestyle And I Am An Orthorexic...

I am an orthorexic.. AND I AM PROUD!

When I was 14 I had hormonal issues and doctors pumped me up with some pills.. I became huge.. and kids at school loved it! They used to laugh at me, call me names and I would feel so depressed so I would go home and stuff myself with food.. then I'd feel even worse.. I would feel so hopeless and useless. I used to hate myself and I thought I will never be happy again..

Then there came times when I started dieting.. I have tried every single diet in the world just to find out that the weight would creep back on again! I spent half of my twenties struggling with weight.. fighting with myself and trying to find the way out of the circle... I started reading books, magazines, got myself to the gym.. and I fell in love with the exercise. I fell in love with hardcore spinning classes that would make me feel as if I achieved something afterwards.. then I tried military fitness and LOVED that, I started lifting weights and saw huge improvements in my body. I finally started seeing results and I started loving my body.. I began eating 6-7 little meals a day and give my body fuel it needs.. I saw myself change and I loved it.. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel - I realized that it is YOUR CHOICE whether you chose to live your life and be fat or you fight and you get out of the circle.

So here I am. I will be qualifying as a personal trainer in a few weeks time and I am obsessed with healthy life. I feel great and I know that the reason I do is because of the choices I make - foods I eat, exercise I do! I eat to live not live to eat! My problem is that unfortunately I am surrounded by people who either have NO IDEA about health and they have no interest in it; OR the worst - all those happy mediums who are so ignorant towards health - they are not fat but because they are not fat they think they can eat whatever they want.. IT FRUSTRATES ME. IT UPSETS ME. IT MAKES ME MAD!
Why people are so ignorant? Is it because it is easier to close your eyes, order a take away than to prepare your lunches on Sunday and to go to the gym after hard day at work.. or is it because these days it is so acceptable to be overweight, to be obessed, to be fat. WHY PEOPLE ALWAYS MAKE COMMENTS ON HEALTHY LUNCHES? And why so many friends like posting " i just ordered a nice take away" on facebook?? Why people are blind?
Is it because the light of healthy life is too bright..?

I do not want to be that average person and call myself happy medium. I LOVE HEALTHY FOOD, I LOVE EXERCISE. I LOVE FITNESS AND I LOVE HEALTHY PEOPLE. I am looking for people like me so please add me as your friend if you think the same and share love for health and fitness. Or find me on facebook at My Fit Hot Bod :) Let's share the love and let's be FIT FIT FIT!!! :)
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3 Responses Oct 24, 2011

I've been ortherexic for about a year now, I love eating healthy but my obsession w/ healthy eating is so exhausting. All I ever think about is food... Food, food and more food. Idk... It's just so hard

Kids who work hard and get good grades get taunted in school - I have a weak back and a smashed knee and get taunted when I do my medical gymnastics - you get taunted if you do not drink - you get taunted if you don't splurge in the shopping mall - if you are disciplined it probably feels like an admonishion to the others, they feel bad and try to revert on you. I has nothing to do with you personally, only with them. You cannot pressure people to be healthy and happy, these decisions must come from within. So, the next time they pooh-pooh you, smile and take it as a compliment. But always remember not to overdo it with your healthy lifestyle.

I love the way you write. Youre right, not enough people realise that with the right nutrition they can really enhance their lives. I loved the way you realised eating right got past the doctors medication too, society is so screwed up like this. When I was orthorexic I used to be really proud of the "Health Freak" label too, I liked being in the minority, but do you really think you are orthorexic??<br />
<br />
it sounds like you manage your health well, are really happy and live life to the full. When i was orthorexic, I was constantly thinking about the next 5 meals, planning them, making them nothing less than "perfection", I was never satisfied... this doesnt sound like you!