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I guess I'm a bit lame in that aspect. I don't cosplay or wear any anime or manga related clothes or jewelry, neither do I have pictures of my favourite characters anywhere. I just watch and read a lot. I guess it's not a part of my lifestyle, just a huge interest of mine.

Still, I like to call myself an otaku, because it helps me find another people with similar interests as me. I'm not that good at making friends, and it seems like girls/women even relatively around my age and in my neighbourhood are interested in things I know nothing about, bands name of which I have never heard and actors in movies I have never seen, It seems like I have completely no idea what is "in" or "out" nowadays... and honestly, I just can't become interested even if I tried.

But ah, anime, there is something I can talk about. Exchanging crazy fangirl talk, discussing about the newest plotwists and speculating what will happen next is almost only way I can start a discussion offline with people my age. Kind of sad.

At the moment, I have three people I can consider to be my friends, rest of the people I know are either family or just acquiantances. Two of them I have met in anime related matters, the third one befriended me without asking my opinion. And that's a good thing, too. ^^
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I know how that feels, Like the only thing i have thats anime merchandise is a hetalia backpack. My boyfriend is an otaku and hes an awesomer one than i am T.T I watch anime, fangirl over the whole yaoi fandom, read fanfics, sometimes write them. I even draw fanart and I read tons of doujinshi . The only people that know im into yaoi is my friends , boyfriend and my dad ( doesnt know what yaoi is ;p) Like ive always wanted to cosplay and Im into lolita ( Im getting a gothic lolita dress ;p) And i just dont show it much

i completely understand it when you say you don't have any idea about what's "in" or "out" nowadays and it's difficult for you to talk about it. I wouldn't be able to get interested in any of the groups people of my age like, nor the shows, nor the books (well, they don't really read a lot...)<br />
It's not like i can't talk about anything else besides anime or manga, but it's something i'm very interested in and i love talking about it, exchanging information about my favourite shows with somebody, talking about the most annoying character in it, or trying to guess who will end up with whom...xD, yeah, that kind of fangirl talk none of this people who know what's "in" and what's "out'' would possibly understand xD