Sometimes I Wonder If I'm An Otaku...

 and then I look around me. Allow me to paint you a picture. 

On my desk, is an Alphonse beanie I got for Christmas and I wear it practically everywhere. On top of my computer is my NES, complete with beat up controllers and game cartridges. On my walls are countless Naruto, FMA, Beck and Mecha posters and 100+ pokemon cards. Behind me is my Konoha headband tacked onto the wall and my bed with its pikachu pillows and pokemon 90s bed spread. My nightstand is covered in Otaku USA and anime mags as well as some of my manga. On me is my Ryuk earing and cell phone with Rock Lee charm. And then in my favorite hiding spot is my yaoi collection. 

So yeah, I figure its safe to say I'm an Otaku. xD 


BParrot BParrot
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

yes my friend welcome in the groups