Update On Finding My Kin-side

Since writing my original introduction to this group about a year ago, I've done a lot of soul-searching regarding this topic and things are a little different now. At the time, I wasn't even sure if I was really 'kin or not, but I've since gotten acquainted with exactly who I am regardless of whether or not I'm otherkin, and that really helped. I also know now that questioning myself like that was the right thing to do as it's a healthier approach to otherkin than just saying "I'm 'kin and anyone who questions me is wrong"; I'm also glad I waited so long before officially joining the online otherkin community because otherwise I probably would've succumbed to some of the fluffier sites.

At present, I do in fact identify as 'kin by applying the generic meaning of the word as "someone who identifies as other than human"; however, I still do not declare myself to be any particular kin-type, so I can't really tell you what I DO identify as, just not human. I do know that I am of Chaos, and one would think that would make me demon-kin, however it would also appear that I define Chaos differently than even most demon-kin do, so I refrain from wearing that label. I have no past life memories to help me out, just things I resonate with that sound plausible. I've never seen a clear image of my "true form", but I experience mental shifts all the time, what I figure is that my kin-side is amorphic with polymorphic capabilities; it doesn't have any particular shape or form as a base, but can assume any shape necessary.
For the most part, I refer to myself as a "Chaos-thingy" and call it good enough; as long as I know who I am, the "what" is of lesser importance.
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so demonkin >:P hows the ferrets?

When you are the one who makes answeres about my question you could tell me that i can be a otherkin >.< I totally identify me with the word Otherkin.

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