I think i'm a forest elf, i was always fascinated with the forest. Like it gave a call "Shaun, please come back." I didn't literally hear talking, but i had a feeling i should return to the forest. I also love archery, and i suppose i'm pretty good at it. I'm not as intelligent and wise as most elves, but i'm pretty sure i am a Elvenkin. (No, not those little santa elves, these are really fake .3.) Also this is a weird thing, foxes would usually run away from humans. Well once a fox was staring at me for 2 minutes long, about 30 feet away from me. XD
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So you talk about werewolves when you think your a forest elf wow

Hahaha. I love that. "I'm not as intelligent and wise as most elves."

I've got a slight build and I'm small for my age group, even my gender. And I love the forest because it's beautiful, but I don't know if forest elf would suit me.

I'm intelligent and focused and strong, but not fast. I don't know how I'd do in archery. So I don't know if the entire Tolkien wood elf thing'd work for me. I think I'd be more likely to get shot than shoot straight. Then again, I've never picked up a bow and arrow.

I see myself as more of the trickster kind, more mischievous, but I do have a streak of kindness.

Do you have any idea what kind of elf of faerie I might be if I were one?

Nah, you are just a cat, and where is Otis?

My cat is called Milo.. Otis is up your *******.

Haven't you ever seen the movie Milo and Otis? Lazarus was just making a little joke. No need to be so rude.

Thank you for clarifying that

I'm kind of prone to anger sometimes, because every time i post something, SOMEONE has to say. "Hey Milo, where's Otis?" Just understand after 100 times someone posts that you'd get agittated too.

Well it is a cat name sooooooooo

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