I Am?

I've always been sort of an outcast. I don't know why. But for as long as I can remember ive always been sort of alone, even with my friends. But most friends I ever had, left. I have one really good friend that ive known since like 6th grade but we just sort of became friends in 10th grade really and we've been best friends ever since. But anyway, I'm ok to be an "outcast," it's really fine by me, I like my space and I love how I'm different and love so many different things, I'm like a chameleon, my colors change to how I'm feeling, who I feel like in that point in time, I'm a very different person than I was 6 months ago. I'm a happy person, and I have confidence that where I am heading in life is exactly where I want to be. So if anyone out there is worried about being different, good, that's the best thing to be in this world, being different is fascinating to EVERYONE! Don't worry about the bullies or haters, they're nothing and you're everything :D
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1 Response Jan 25, 2012

I was worried until someone put it into the simplest context of " In 100 years, no one in this room is going to be alive, so do whatever the hell you want" and then I realized I actually had it better than most people, because with that advice I am doin just that. What I want.

Exactly :) And great point