...and Proud Of It!

I have been one ever since I was a child...but I don't mind that. I love my weirdness. I will never change myself or become someone I am not because I have come to love and embrace who I am. If people have a problem with my personality...they can ******* themselves because I honestly couldnt care less ;)

Also, outcasts are the coolest people. Their take on things is very refreshing and they offer a very unique perspective on things, which I absolutely love.
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So being a misfit is finally in fashion? Cool........glad I stopped by.

you can never please everyone and ther eare plenty of snipers to bring you down so just be yourself and stay away from those sad negative people that hate everything.

Very true Chica. I found finding myself and really learning who I am (my ep experience has helped with that tremendously) has been very freeing. I wouldn't want it any other way

I am about as wierd as it gets. Transgendered, single parent. Just trying to make it in this world, not easy.

aww. *hugs*

Indeed! Be proud to be who you are! BTW-you sound pretty cool!

thank you :)

:-) :-)!!

I would like an add so I get the posts on my whiteboard from your comments and ideas !!pls. I cant add you so its up to you

how weird are you? like in range of 1-10?

you will find out soon enough :P

Soooooooooooooooooon, Ok master.

wierd people are fun to hang out,there just so random! but why do you call you'r self wierd,you'r pretty normal to me.if you'r wierd,then what am i? :D

haha just wait long enough till you get to know me XD

lol ok :D

i have exactly the same attitude

weird people are so much more interesting,cant stand sheep.

same here :/

I grew up not knowing I have Aspergers (diagnosed at 20, back in 2004) so I kept tripping up on invisible rules that I couldn't see and not understanding body language, conversational cues, eye contact, hints, etc so I totally get where you're coming from. Now I'm grown up and much more socialized with a good bunch of friends around me. While I have a lot of self confidence I don't think I have quite as much as you. ( =

I have been one since the sixth grade and I know I always will be. Still, I wish I could find the self-confidence that you have.