Me Too!

I have always been an outcast! n i used to get really depressed n my self esteem would drop so low!

But now i think what the **** its there problem! again I'm gonna talk about MCR but they were all outcasts during school and college n look where they are now! They always tell us its cool to be uncool as we are part of there army if we have felt that way etc!

I never really truly had close friends n thinking back i was her sheep n just followed her everywhere i didn't have real friends really! she proved that as soon as she didn't need me anymore she dumped me for her boyfriend! i see her about 3 times a year etc!

But when i started college and my work it was the same things over and over again! It wasn't until 2 years ago when i met my real best friend until i started to accept myself as she is a complete idiot just like me! She is my soul mate and was a complete outcast as well!

So i think thats why we get on so well as we ave both had ****** lives at school n now how each other feels about it all n we have helped each other out getting over it n loving are selves! (with a Lil help from the boys!)

But yeah there are times when i still feel lonely n out casted esp with supervisors at work but i think!  I cant help who i am!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 10, 2007