Too F retarded to have any friends, a loving relationship or marriage!

I just realized why I don't have any friends or never had any boyfriends or got married, it's because I'm too retarded especially socially retarded.  I haven't got any knowledge at all!

Laura4444 Laura4444
3 Responses May 22, 2012

I know how you feel... I have no friends or family ...............

perhaps you are trying to hard and making it look like your desperate,try making friends with guys who like same things you do,join clubs that interest you and that gives you topic to talk about,once you start getting to know guys both male/female you can then maybe see about going for coffee before or after club,nothing heavy and find out more about person you like let things develope slowly YOU CAN DO IT!<br />
I will be about on here if you need help !

Oh leave me alone with that BS! It's either I'm trying too hard or not trying hard enough! Clubs are full of snobs anyway. I'm getting too F old, it's hopeless.. I'm better off dead..

no no don t worry i m like u i hav nt change may be but must believe in your self and in ur god