Once Upon A Time In Fairy Land

This title suggests a pleasant story in a world inhabited by fairies. In all honesty its far from that.
Its barely a story too, I class this more as a wish or a tribute.

I admit I do take partying to a new level, along with my group of friends we have all had a fair share of drugs and mistakes.

I myself have partaken in a shopping list full of experiences, however my friends are on the other side of the fence of addiction.

I smoke weed once a fortnight, and class As on special occasions, but I can quit at anytime and have done when I needed to focus on something.
For my friends it is doubtful we will ever have days out like we did 6 years ago...

I guess this is my way to say I miss you guys.
And I'm gonna get you help.
GSandwich GSandwich
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

It's nice that you'd get them help. I've seen a lot of friends dissapear into the abyss while I just stood back and watched. It is not a great feeling knowing you could have done something...