That One

I'm that girl who sits in class and doesn't talk unless it's to give an answer.  I'm that girl who pulls out a book at every opportunity, or a sudoku puzzle.  I'm that girl who has a few friends and they're the only ones to receive more than one sentence.  I'm that girl who has the odd favorite television shows, favorite actors, favorite music, and favorite everything.  I'm that girl who finishes a test twice as quickly as everyone else and still gets an A.

I'm THAT girl.
And I'm an outcast.

I'm not that bad if you actually know me.  If you need a pencil or paper, ask me.  If you don't know what the homework was about, ask me.

Just because I watch TV nobody has heard of, would rather read a book than watch or play sports and would rather be in class than study hall, I'm weird and I'm the one to make fun of or torture or simply ignore.

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7 Responses Feb 11, 2009

^^<br />
The best thing about college is finding people who were just like me in high school and being 'those kids' together.<br />
Thanks, dezzi, I like that a lot. It made me smile.

your the girl who everyone needs <br />
your the girl who id like to meet (not in creepy way)<br />
your the girl who is a true friend indeed<br />
your the gurl who doesnt need to think this way<br />
because in my eyes your the girl who is quite okay

haha :D<br />
Nihao konichiwa to you too! (the two I know XD )

Well anyunghaseyo konichiwa nihaoma girl! ;P

No, I'm not Asian<br />
(though I do love Asian people, some of my best friends are and I've always wanted to meet more :] )

Much akin to my people's experiences. Are you Asian???

haha, you're biased though :]<br />
But I like your bias<br />
thanks for making me smile :]