I am a 27 and female and I have always been shy, white, and nerdy. I grew up with glasses (still have them), acne, bad coordination, oily hair, and never wear the right thing. I had no friends in seventh grade. I was painfully shy. I don't know why the kids were so mean. I used to starve myself and I had horrible insomnia. I went for weeks without any sleep. I was never talented in anything but I did get good grades. I don't miss school at all.

Today I have more friends and I feel a little better about myself kinda. I still have acne but at least I'm not flat chested. I am 10 lbs overweight. I'm still not that talented. I have depression and it makes me not want to do anything anymore. People always seem like they know the right things to say, do, and wear. I have writer's block and it sucks. I want to write short stories and teen fantasy fiction novels but I don't have confidence. I barely have any ideas anymore. :(

I know I need to fix the grammatical errors in this post but when I express myself I don't care. Also depression=not caring and feeling numb
faerieshimmer87 faerieshimmer87
26-30, F
Aug 18, 2014