To the Point of Panic!

Yep... I tend to over-analyze things. Most of it is on my actions and reactions with friends, my best friends and ones on EP that is. I will joke about something, circle back, and make sure that the person knows that I am joking! I don't want them thinking that I was mean and feel bad! I never want to make a person feel bad... EVER. Unless they were my enemy, then it's okay. :-D

I do analyze the crud out of everything I say and do. I just don't want to offend, hurt, or make others uncomfortable. So I tend to apologize a lot, and over explain myself, to others. Meanwhile, they're like, "What? No, I understood what you meant. I knew you were joking!" I know that I sometimes annoy my best pal, when I walk away with a great joke, then circle back with an, "I thought about it and that was mean! Please forgive me! I didn't mean it to be offensive!" :-/

Though, he does the same to me! XD

Oh, well... I guess it's a part of me. I will always over-think things and worry about them. But the important thing is, even though I over-analyze my words, it doesn't stop me from expressing them! Even if it works me into a panic most times, I will still speak honestly to others... and then try to do damage-control laters. Though, most of time, there is no fire to put out. It's an false alarm. =p

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

I am always worrying about offending someone. I overanalyze myself so much I drive me