F The Republicans

I am so sick and tired of their crap. How we need to give tax cuts to the so called job creators. Well, they got their %&&%$$#^&* Bush tax cuts extended, but where are the jobs? HA. And trust me on this, Romney is way to out of touch with you and I, too rich to know what it is like to have to pay bills, and such a flip flopper. He is of the classic variety of politician who will say and do anything to get elected and then be just like George W Bush who had no clue what to do next, other than start two stupid wars that have just added a trillion to the deficit and debt. I am tired of the Repukelicans favoring the whiny millionaires and screwing the normal working stiffs. They want to do away with social security, medicare and medicaid so that they can give more tax cuts to those that won't do squat with the money. meanwhile, the rest of us will suffer and they won't care.

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3 Responses May 6, 2012

Very well said!

Some Republicans are not so bad, the more moderate ones I mean... but lately the whole party seems to have gone to the extreme far right. Politics in this country seems to be like a pendulum. When the people finally had enough from 8 years of Reaganomics and 4 years of Bush I, they elected Clinton. Then after 8 happy but scandal-ridden years, they decided maybe things were getting just a little too loose in the White House, that it was becoming like the Playboy Mansion or something, so we got stuck with that loser George W. and the Penguin (who was the real boss)... They whooped it up and plundered the whole damn system top to bottom for the benefit of their banker and corporate cronies. Tried to trash all the anti-pollution laws, health be damned. Finally after the whole economy was in the toilet the people woke up and elected Obama. Sadly however, the economy is in such a mess, Obama has not really been able to fix it, and I am concerned what his prospects are for re-election! I wish him luck, however...

There is a school of thought, widely held by Republicans with whom I have talked, that the wealthy have the greatest stake in the Nation and, therefore, the Nation should be governed for their benefit. In their minds, wealth is the measure of social worth regardless of the means by which the wealth was acquired.