Will I Ever....

my son's  grandmother and great grandmother refuse to accept me as his mother, caregiver, etc. They barely want to acknowledge that I'm his Stepmother. I met his father when he was 4 and married them when he was 6. He's now 13!

As a 3 person family unit, we have our ups and downs . It just burns me up whenever I learn that they are denying the fact that I feed and clothe him daily, help with school work etc and his birth mother is not in the picture!

LorQuest LorQuest
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2 Responses May 30, 2007

I really feel for you. I am the biological mother of our 4 children and I get that same kinda thing from my mother in law. She tells everyone that I am a bad mom (because my kids are not perfect) She must assume that after 4 kids (including twins) I should be fat and the fact that I am not must bother her because she has told everyone that I don't eat as soon as they comment on my weight. Hello woman ever run around after two year old twins?? She has even tried to turn the kids against me. Try not to let her bother you (easier said than done) but it will only hurt you more to worry about what those dumb people are saying. Just keep doing your best and what ever you do don't let it come between you and your husband because then they win. You best revenge is to have a loving and happy family. You, hubby and stepson.

I'm sorry your son's grandparents do not recognize all the things you do for your stepson. You probably will never be able to change how they feel but you can change how you react to it. Just keep being the best mom you can to your stepson.