We Are An Unacknowledged Group

I think there must be many of us who are smart, talented, and have never been able to function successfully in life (and I have a very broad definition of 'successful'. i don't think we're 'lazy' or anything else like that. I'd love to write more of what I think, but writing this is the kind of thing that is just too difficult. To get an idea, see the books I recommended in response to 'deleted'.

My guess is many of us feel deleted in very profound ways. I was once asked to draw a picture of me. I drew a small grey dot in the lower right side of a blank piece of paper. I think many people don't know what it's like to feel like that.
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Agreed... I'm gonna have to write my own story and analysis on this.

I think that those of us in this category have always done the best we knew how. I believe that of everyone. But when people don't get basic attachment and attunement needs met as infants (for whatever reason), (and this is not a monochromatic landscape), their brain development is affected to the extent that they may not be able to form relationships, are more susceptible to PTSD, and live with such overwhelming emotions (terror, rage, pain, whatever) that they're unable to function in ways that most people think of as normal. For literature on this see articles by Alan Schore on peri-natal attachment, Daniel Siegel on brain develoopment, Steven Porges on Polyvagal theory, Bonnie's books and videos for all of them. These people, such as we in this group, also may not be able to meditate because when we go inside there is too much pain and emptiness for us to be able to tolerate. Unfortunately, i don't know of anyone who has looked into this much. Daniel Siege, to my knowledge, has one paragraph somewhere that acknowledges this.

My next book suggestion is being a Brain-wise Therapist by Bonnie Badenoch. You can also see some videos of her on youtube.

ah yes... talent, education, brains... and yet stifled, always, by several different factors, from ever MAKING anything out of the talent, education and brains. I am in that club as well.