Without A Job Sucks

   What gets me is. We used to be a strong nation we helped our own out. Now that we have people here that are practicaly loosing there homes, kids are starving, are schools are crap. I been out of work for six years because the company decided to move to Mexico. While the illeagal imigrants are taking jobs way from people that want to work for some honest wage. Where can I sign up for a fake s.s card because I want a new indenty. So I can get the F out of this country! It turned to crap!
    I’m in my fourties, between me fighting for my country. I felt I was doing the right thing. I get slapped in a face with child support, they weren’t taking any money out. So with interest; which I don’t get. I didn’t borrow any money. I owe now 30,000 dollars. I take care of my kids and one is autistic.
   My wife she’s been diagnosed with dementia,altzhimers,and now fibromyalgia. Her unemployment ran out. Waiting to hear from the SSI to see if she can collect after she worked as a server for 17 years and she can barely remember the little things. She just turned fourty.
   Mean while I’m ready to shoot myself in the head so least my kids will get some kind of payment where they won’t be in the streets starving. Now I have a court date coming up. I might be facing six months or longer because I can't pay child support and I can't pay it because I can't get work, because I owe! 
    No company is going to hire me because I owe so much they think I'm going to steal from them. It's a F-up circle..
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Feel for you, can you go to a debt agency? instead of going to court or is it too late

Hi,<br />
What gets me in your story is illeagal imigrants... Don't take me wrong I am TOTALY and UTTERLY against them. I don't know how it works in USA, but let me tell you my experinces about being jobless and a foreigner in the UK. I am not illegal at all, am married to an Englisg man and we did/do everything in order and pay quite lot money. I don't have a British passport, because of this reason I can't go a job center and get help from them, do you know why? Because I am not on benefit!!! They give the priority to them, because they want them get a job first to take out the benefit.. And I know some peoplewho are on benefit they don't want to work and they openly say "government pay for us why we bother" So illegal imigrants have the opportunity. As I said I don't know the system in your country, however here this system gives good opportunity for thde people who come here and work. I think this system make man power gap and illegal imigrants fill it. <br />
On the other hand I don't belive no company is going to here you, they will I don't think your owe will stop them.<br />
Good luck, hope you are going to get ajob soon.

Thank you. I just have a couple of question for you. How did you get over there without a passport? Reguardless you married an Englishman. You would still need a passport.
Are you working on your citizenship so you can join the work force,or does your husband make enough and doesn't want you to work? Well I guess that's three..lol It was nice to meet you. I hope we can become friends. I just like meeting new people as you can see with my life it's sometimes hard to.

HI, I have myown passport if you do all the procedure, you don't need a passaport coz you get leave to remain and that gives you to stay and work permit. Citizenship is not important to me. I don't care how much my husband earns, that was the reason I created this group I WANT TO WORK!!!! I have all the rights to work but NO JOB!!!.
I think that is your answers :)) Nice to meet you too. Yes, we are friends now :)