How I Been Losing Weight

What I Been Doing To Loose Weight..

Posted July 8th, 2011 at 1:43PM
I went to a solid big guy to a small Because of my German and Scottish heritage i was always thick and muscular.Then when I went into the Marines I went from 180 to down to 150 and a 36 waist to a 29. But over the years of getting comfortable and lazy I just din't relise how much weight I gain until now.
with a few months I started to drop by doing what I'm going to write on how I did it. The weight started to fall off and still is. I cut out the soda that right there I dropped 30 pounds. I went from a 3xxx shirts and size 50 pants Down to large xtra large shirts. My wiast is a 36. I put on my shirt on just a few months nback and there like dresses on me. I will post some pics later if I can find some of me at my heavest. But read and you to will drop the weight or tone up your body. Just simple facts, nothing to buy, no going to the gyme 8 hours aday, and no running for hours on end.
Just change your eating habbits and your food intake. Now I'm going to tell you what I did and still do.

For excersises: push-ups, jump rope, run in palce for three to five minutes; unless you like to go running out side for hours on
soccer crutches; lay on the floor flat, bring your head up at the same time bring one knee up and back down and then do with the other knee. if your really flexible try to touch your knee to your chin and back to the other one. touch your toes from a stand postion, squat down with arms out and as you come back up touch your toes and up to a standing postion .

For eating; Start with eggs are packed with protien and has a fat burner in them as well apples and other foods and veggies.
small portions. one to two small scoops of anything. baked chicken instead of friend, meat with no breading, eat hamburger with out bun,hot dog without bun, unless you haven't had anything with carbohydrates for the day. Like if your eating a plate of fries don't eat the meat with a bun. mac and cheese same thing meat with no bun. cut out soda in take. Kool-aid, ice teas are ok. plenty of water it helps flush out the bad stuff. If you can afford it get a cleanser they're kind of expensive, but they help.I need to get a couple I haven't done that in years. Like 20 I used to do it when I was in the service that helped me maintane myself.

If you have some small weights just do some arm curls, then with your arms to your side like you pump your arms as your running bring it up so the weight is aline with shoulder then down and then same with the other side. hold weight to the side and bring it out-ward (not in front of you) and try to hold it for a few seconds then drop to your side and then next side. Can start out small count. I do udsually 25 or more. Just do a small weight you don't want to bulk up so this is just to maintane and tone up. To maintane or bigger You can lean forward. so your like a upside down L. grab the weights and hold out straight to the side and curl your arms in and then out. That will tone your back and sholders, arms and chest.
I think that covered everything that I do. oh if you do leg extensions get on all fours and bring your leg in and touch your chin to your knee and then raise it out with your head up and then back as you bring your leg in lower your head to your kneee and out do about 25 to 50 but you can start small. Repeat with other leg in the same position take your leg bend the knee and raise your leg up to the side (like a male dog peeig) and back down same thing can start out small and then repeat with the other leg.
Another one in a standing postion raise your leg up and twist your opposite elbow to the knee.( Right leg, left elbow ) then back in a stand and then do the opposit left leg to right elbow. can start out slow and then built up speed.
I believe I covered everything. Just remeber small portions. popcorn instead of chips (but not microwave) or just don't eat the whole bag in one no time you will start to feel and look good about your self..
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Jul 8, 2011