Unemployed, And Betrayed

First things first, I'm 21 with no job yet, I AM in fact job hunting whenever and wherever I can go. My ex-girlfriend broke up with me because I'm trying to find work, I'm in debt with this college loan and I'm in debt with my bank for a purchase I didn't make. So I tell her (because I believe no secrets should be held from one another) and she tells me she cannot be in my life until I get things figured out. MEANWHILE, I've been by her side through everything's she's been through, almost raped, minor tumor, and she breaks up with me because of my small setbacks. Not only did she break up with me just a few days ago, but like two days after we broke up she started dating another guy. How the hell can anyone just go from one guy to another...just like that? Just doesn't make any sense to me. So now I just had an encouraging person just leave my life, and now we barely talk, although I try to talk to her first. What can I do?
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

******* college man....why is it so expensive I feel your pain

Be greatfull she is out of your life, she was no friend to you and showed you her true colours.Just be thankfull you werent married to her or stuck with kids with her. Look for volunteer work as well as paid work because at least you will have something upto date to talk about at the interviews and your getting out doing it.
Look to your other friends for support or your parents and dont waste your time thinking about her. Good Luck.