A Brief Story About A Frustrated Graduate

So... where to start? I graduated from a research university (one of the oldest and one of the top colleges in the country). I was a good student with a decent GPA and a good major (according to the news; I did it because I wanted to do it though not because of the job "opportunities"). Well, it's been 6 months (though it feels longer) and I do not have a job. I'm freelancing online, but it just doesn't pay even with my work. There have been days that I've been up till 4 AM working and working and yet I don't get paid much. I would ask for more, but then people don't want to hire you. My mother thinks that I just sit in my room all day, but I really don't want to. I hate that I'm being a burden on her by adding to the costs and yet she wants me to go to grad school or be an entrepreneur or any of that. She doesn't seem to really understand how it's like to be unemployed and a graduate in this country. She sees it as the land of milk and honey and if anyone fails it's just because they don't try hard enough. I hate that because of a handful of elites, the futures of people my age across the world have been thrown into the bloody garbage. I keep trying and trying but I wonder what's the use. I don't complain because I know that I am privledged in several ways but at the same time I feel useless. Every time I apply for a job, they say "Oh, we need 3-5 years of experience" and I'm like, "How the hell do I get that experience?" Clearly internships, volunteering, and work done on my own sure as hell doesn't count. Maybe they see my last name and just through my resume in the garbage. I don't even know what's going on any more. 
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Again, you've got a fellow in uselessness here. I graduated from a very small liberal arts college, but also in what is supposed to be a major that answers job needs. Turns out that's only true if you go to grad school, which you can only do with multiple internships to get experience. Mine somehow missed the mark. I'm grateful that my mother is much more supportive, but it still makes me fell like an extra weight on her.

I really appreciate your post. I feel the same way - especially when you said that you feel like a burden. I feel the same way all the time, and I don't think anyone in my family understands the feelings of guilt. I hope you have been successful since then!

I am in the same boat my friend, you get the old Catch 22, everyone wants experience before hiring but how can I get experience in the first place if no one will hire? <br />
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And the parents thing, ya I get that too. The parents seem to think the college grads are turning down job after job waiting for that dream position-no we are applying to everything, everywhere there just are no jobs...<br />
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You are already freelancing so that is good. Your other options are internships and volunteering. And yes I know getting an internship is just as hard as getting a job, which realistically leaves you with only volunteering. <br />
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Whilst volunteering is probably the "lowest on the totem pole" when compared to previous work experience, then previous internships, volunteering is BETTER than nothing. Hell even if you can't volunteer in your chosen field, just volunteer somwhere.<br />
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What I am finding out in life is, a degree (unless you majored in Eng, accounting, nursing etc...) is the bare minimum, a degree is the new high school diploma. It is the references that get you the work, if nothing else volunteer, at least you have someone to vouch for you.

Don't loose hope and don't give up! You'll surely get something to do someday. I don't think there is anyone that was born with experience. They all got it somewhere.

hey any luck finding a job i am in the same boat too! hope you are doing better!! can totally relate to your story...

I Feel you. I am in the same situation right now. Right now I am working at a job the does not pay much and has no benefits (I spent 4 hard working years in college). I have too lived a somewhat privledged life, but I feel like my lfie is not going anywhere. I find it difficult to get the experience when these jobs will not give you a chance.