Underemployed Recent College Grad

Hi Y'all On February 20th 2013, it will be exactly an year since I graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. About three years ago I started doing surveys and online market research for various companies and websites. I also tutored a few children. But as soon as I graduated, I worked so hard to try and find a job, any job. Before I could even think about finding a job, just four days after I graduated my dad had a heart attack and had to have heart surgery. I was shocked and devastated. Fortunately, he recovered and is doing well now but it has been a hard year since his eldest brother passed away from cancer in October. In November, all my hard work paid off and I got my first real job as a seasonal sales associate at Kohl's and finished the interview and got called back for the orientation. Unfortunately, the timing really sucked because I had to go to Dallas for my Uncle's 1st month memorial service. I came back from Dallas all gungho and ready to start working only to be rudely told to find another job by one of the people who worked there. I got in touch with the hiring manager and he told me that they will call me back when they need me but ironically they never called me back. A few weeks into Christmas Break I was paying bills online and found that Kohl's paid me almost 30 dollars for being there for five hours for the orientation and was surprised but I really wish that any of the jobs that I apply for in the future will be the job that will work for me. In January, I started my own online boutique on KitsyLane.com and got my first customer. I am depressed but trying to get over all the bad things and just move on with my life. In June, I started being an online tutor on WyZant.com and have been looking for students. Fortunately, many of the internships and volunteering jobs that I applied for during break have gotten back to me and told me that they are interested in me so hopefully my prayers will be answered.
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