It Happened Last Week

Last week we had gone on a weekend vacation to a place near delhi.

we had left the kids with their grandparents. i was supposed to be a quit weekend.

as soon as we left home we stopped at a roadside hotel and i changed into a very sexy short shorts and a teeny weeny top. during the way every car passing us used to see me in my almost nudity. i loved to see the expressions on the drivers faces they passed by and then slowed their cars to keep besides us.

all this gave my husband a hard on.

he took the car off the road and drove into a nearby field. it was empty with a few labourers working very far from us. we got out of the car and he quickly spread a sheet on the ground and asked me to lie down and started kissing me all over. soon we forgot all around us and were naked my husband was inside me.

i started shouting in ecstacy and and was in heaven.

hearing my voices we did not realise that the two labourers had come near us and were watching us from behind the bushes.

as soon as my husband realised this he got so excited that he came at once.

as soon as my husband moved from me on top the labourers by then had come very near, they now began to go away.

my husband looked at me and i told him to call them as i was still hot. he motioned them oto come near. and saked them if they liked me. they looked at me as i was lying naked on the sheet. they were hesitant.

sensing this i asked them myself to come near. they slowly came near me and sat besides me. i smiled at them and came near them and started touching them. i put one hand of both of them on my nipples and tokk out thier ***** from their dhotis(An indian rural dress) and started fondling their *****.

i was getting so horny that lied down on the ground while they had stared to lick my nipples and one of them had now had the courage to rub my ***** by his hands.

i was getting hornier by the minute and started shouting at them meanwhile my husband was watching from the sides.

soon those rural uneducated labourers lost all fear and strated showing their brute ways and calling me names and abusing me at the sametime the got naked and ravaging my body. when i saw thw true size of their ***** i almost fainted it was HUUUUUUGGGGEEE.

one of them put one in my mouth and the other tried to force it in my ***** but could not. seeing this my husband ran to the car and got some vaseline.

then my husband came besides me and spread my legs and applied cream on their ***** and guided the first ones **** inside me. he was bare back and would not litsen. it was difficult at first but one the tip was inside it got in smoothly. my ***** was stretched to the limit. it was a wonderful feeling. the n he started pumping as i started kissing my husband and the other one was licking my nipples.

soon i came and shouted so loud that i am sure many ppl could have heard me, then he came and he kept on coming for a whole minute.

then the othr one took his place and soon he also came by that time i had come 3-4 times.

ll this time my husband was kissing and caresing me. then the both of them left me and my husband alone as we lay their alone in each others arms.
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Great. Story you. Made. Me. So hard an horny

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What crap...u expect us to believe your story???

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nice really hot... i wish, i could be the farmer over there

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My wife like's to be naughty, i wish as naughty as you. Loved the story thank's

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