I'm not sure why i am always unhappy. Sometimes i find the smallest reasons to make me down. Its like i cannot be happy because im afraid  its only temporary. Nothing ever goes right in my life and im always in constant fear. I absolutely hate this about myself.

31-35, F
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I used to do this too. It's anxiety. The feeling like everything is going to come crashing down. One therapist I went to called it "catastrophizing" or imagining the worst possible scenario and expecting it to happen. I didn't feel like I was negative, I just felt like I ws preparing for the worst in case it did happen as I assumed it would. I was also suspicious or "hyper-vigilant." I love all these therapy-terms. Haha. I really do hope you feel better though. I took an anti-anxiety medication for a year and it helped me slow my thoughts down enough so I could develop better thought patterns and coping skills.

i can be like this myself and it's a part of getting older, at least for me, that i don't like. it seems i was much happier and carefree when i was younger.

I to had that problem.After marring and having children from time to time it would come back.One day I went to my aunts house and told her,she said,she never had any thing like that.She gave me a name of a psychologist and I want to talk to her.She ask me about my childhood,there were a few things that I could relate to.Saddness a lot of times is fear.Sometimes when we are alone with out even thinking of any thing sad it happends.I got as many books I could find, on self help books.I would read and read.I found my self in many of thoes books.After keeping track of my day and my thoughts I was able to detect some things.I did not stop there. All my life I have read psychology books and I can relate to many things.Now I have come to a place where I am 99% free and I am happier then I have ever been in my whole life.I am still reading and learn so much.I do hope I have helped you.keeping a log on your daily rutine is great!I wish you the best and to let you know I will be praying for you!