Uniquely Strange.

I've never intended to be strange, it just kind of happened when I turned 13, but I think I've always been a little unusual. People make the judgement on my strangeness or as I like to call it, my uniqueness when I'm asked what I would aspire to be in the future, everyone seems to back slowly away when I say 'Oh I'm working on becoming an embalmer and eventually in Pathology'.

You see I love all things dead, and I think that makes me pretty unique, wanting to give the best for the dead like they may or may not have had during life. I have a strange fascination with serial killers and crimes, and the day I entered a morgue and walked past the fridges knowing what was inside, or when I walked into the Pathology lab and saw jars and jars of organs and tissues, I knew that was my place.

I like the fact I creep people out with what I want to be where I think most people want to be accepted for it, but I've never been bothered whether I am or not, I accept it.

People who are unique are amazing to me, they are the people who make the place better, because there is pretty much no fakeness about them, they are who they are full stop.
LauraNorder LauraNorder
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

No doubt that is unique. But I'm wondering that because , like you, I felt unique and very different, and certainly every human being is. None of us are the same. <br />
However, it always seemed to me that other people were more comfortable in society than I was. That they didn't seem set apart as I did.<br />
Granted, I know my approach to life, including where and how I live is extremely different from the norm. The way I saw things were different. Could never understand why it was more desired to place people in a 'box', define them, and that's that. there just seemed to be so much more to people that the tight definitions and labels that society out on them.<br />
I choose to live away from society because, as a whole, I have little respect for it, as well as the thinking required to survive in it.<br />
Then there were the expectations they put on me. And when I didn't fit that mode, because they said I should, they began pushing me away. <br />
So I begin to wonder if it wasn't society itself that gave me this whole feeling of uniqueness, or separateness, which I interpreted as different and unique.