Had Never Realised That I Was Growing Up Very Differently.....

Anyone who speaks of me, will tell you that I'm one of the rarest breeds of girls on the planet. I never had friends growing up and dealt with bullying because of my mild Aspergers Syndrome. However, as I grew up I became more outgoing and able to help people out anytime. Became less and less shy, and more extroverted I became. At times, it's a little too much for everyone.

Even rarer than being an Aspie extrovert; I tend to like good quality and expensive clothes, go shopping, enjoy general facts, and buying the best quality and expensive pens and notebooks. A lot of them just buy any notebook regardless of the quality, however I do. My favourite is Mont Blanc and Moleskine Notebooks. Anything which represents value for me is understood.
Oh, am not the best at jokes at all, but enjoy trying to make them up. As long as they don't have the wrong values and beliefs they will be fine. A lot of Aspies cannot recognise this. Just sometimes do things a bit inappropriately but getting better every single day of my life.

Have seen a lot more of the world than most Aspies have by meeting different people and experiencing different cultures and understanding of people. I actually love dining out, shopping, travelling and going for walks everywhere. Also love meeting a variety of people to view the world in a different way.

So you name it all..........!
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

That'd be great :) Would love to know more about your uniqueness too. In high school, struggled to fit in with everyone.....

Lets become friends. I want to know more about your uniqueness