Unique Or High Maintenance?

:) Its a question me and my girlfriends talk about very often - we say men moan about high maintenance because they hate waiting for us to get ready, but on the other hand they love the results...so high maintenance vs unique..it would take us half an hour to stick a pair of jeans and a top on with a bit of makeup but that wouldn't be me - I am sticking with unique!!!

Once a month all us girls get together, leave the men with the kids and go paint the town red, I like to think I have a unique style,I love,love,love vintage 60's dresses especially swing dresses...I love knowing that underneath I am squeezed into a corset to make the most of my curves, french knickers, stockings & suspenders to make me feel like I have made a real effort teamed with a pair of killer heels..and lots of time and effort taken on my hair & makeup then it doesn't matter if I roll home drunk as my hubby would always get to undress me and do what he wanted - past tense! but hey there will be someone again and I am not going to give up my uniqueness! I love my tattoo's which again make me unique as alot of my friends think I am a bit bonkers, pretty dresses and tattoo's should they really mix? well I think yes...be unique, be you - theres only one of you - embrace yourself!!!
soulsearchingforever soulsearchingforever
31-35, F
Jan 20, 2013