I'm 25 & Still Considered Childish.

I have a college degree & neurological, as well as mental disorders, & society views me as a child, & they think I'm strange. I still consider myself girly, but I don't have the $$ to dress the way I would like to. People say I dress old-fashioned. That's the way the former foster mom used to make us dress. So, I'm used to wearing a t-shirt & sweat pants, since I'm overweight. I lost some, & I want to continue losing more, so I can be able to fit into skirts, dresses, & jeans again. People tell me I look homeless & dirty, & that I don't conform to society. I'm my own person, & I'm not a follower.

But they contradict themselves because I wish I was married with kids, & I want to start driving again, & I want a job, but even if I wear a dress, employers laugh @ me because they think I appear to look visibly mentally slow.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

People laugh at you when you wear a dress? That's the opposite reaction I get. I only wear skirts (I abandoned pants almost ten years ago), and people are constantly commenting on it, saying how cute I look, and expressing that they don't see many women wearing skirts. Oh, don't worry about people saying you don't conform to society--you do not have to, and frankly, I believe it's better that you do not. Besides, society is a self-absorbed egomaniac.

Sounds like you just don't present well ... easy to fix ... maybe take a speech class or a modeling class or get a life coach's input. Practice in front of a mirror and notice how you are different from the norm. Keep what you like (of course - that's who you are) .... but notice if there are any really off-putting quirks and work to change them so that you will be taken seriously and seen for all the inner potential you have. You are just at the next growth stage in life - that's all. Good luck and best wishes to you.