How I Realized I'm a Hipster

I was waiting at the bus stop, people-watching, and I saw a girl walk by me. In my head I said, "man, she is SUCH a hipster, with her crazy patterened coat and her headband and giant sunglasses, her iPod and her cigarette..."

And then I realized that that is exactly what I must look like to other people. My life revolves around pubs and coffee shops and indie music. I have friends who DJ college radio. My hair is dyed black and cut short and I use toy cameras and shop at Value Village.

I'm a hipster.
shayla shayla
18-21, F
4 Responses Mar 31, 2007

I realized I was a hipster after many red flags ... Riding my decorated cruzer to work, wearing my gaint sunglasses to hide my hang-over, sighing for nothing (I don't even realize I do it; other people point it out all the time), owning adopted pitbulls, never owning jeans.. Ect..<br />
Then I realized I'm not trying to be this way I just am! I started as a goth chick and grew-up into a weird hibrid.... Why am I 28 and still going to art school?! Oh destiny!

Well the problem is that half the time people aren't willing to be called hipsters.<br />
<br />
I say just live and let live and let people do whatever the **** they want with their lives, if they aren't personally bothering you.

All hipsters deny they are one...which is part of the reason as to why they are hipsters...oh the irony!

you sound fairly willing to me.<br />
<br />
and do you really listen to "indie" music, or just the crap that pretends to be?<br />
<br />
ugh. hipsters.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
uuuuggggghhhhh.<br />