Mind Over Matter

I am 63, and have never been anaemic in my life before.  Rather the opposite, my haemoglobin has usually been high for a female.

Suddenly, or maybe over a slow period of time whilst I was undergoing extremely traumatic therapy, I became extremely breathless, so much so that my lips were blue after climbing the stairs.

I went to see my GP who took loads of bloods from me and had a chest Xray done.  The only conclusion was that I was actually losing blood from somewhere internally.  I was given iron tablets to take, which did improve my breathlessness.  I was then sent to hospital for further tests.  I had to have a colonoscopy and an oesophagoscopy.  I also had an ultrasound of my stomach.  That was not pleasant at all.   The hospital was so enormous it was like a city within a city.  I was sent all over the place.  THEN they told me I would have to wait 4-6 weeks before I could get an appointment for these tests.  It said URGENT on my card!!  I had already waited 2 months for this appointment.!!  What is the NHS coming to?  I am very nervous about their findings, and about being in that hospital, even if only for a day.

However I wonder if my therapy might have contributed to it psychologically.  I finished it shortly afterwards, but one never knows what the mind can do.  I was extremely stressed and distressed during it. The therapist was wonderful so I am not saying it was her fault in any way. In fact she was the best therapist I have ever come across, she was so caring and understanding and gentle. She was blessed with a wonderful gift of talent, kindness, patience and understanding.  I miss her very much.

lovingangel lovingangel
61-65, F
Dec 2, 2008