Its the Depression

i recently was diagnosed to be anaemic. Lack of energy and depression promted me to get checked out. but iam not sure about my exact condition and part of me does not want to know. i was given these red tablets they r big and they taste bad i bearly take them but i made it to the last 5. its hard i dont like being sick; i find i am depressed alot about the slightest thing and i am very emotional

at home at least i hold it in when i am at work but i am afraid that if something rubs me the wrong way i just might cry like a little baby... that would be embarrasing. my mom says that my condition is causing this depression and low self image but i have always felt to skinny and that people didnot like skinny girls that makes me feel bad.

i think my depression helped to push away my boyfriend but i am not to depressed is just sad memories trigger it.

any way is this causing my depression and where in my body could i be bleeding.

spirit2befound spirit2befound
May 13, 2009