He came to visit me again..and he tried it on with me..I'm just so sick of it. I don't know what to do. Luckily before he could actually do anything one of the staff came in..I was so relieved. I pushed him away..I'm actually really proud that I've managed to finally do that. The nurse then figured it out though..she escorted him out, then came back to talk to me. She asked me why I pushed him, I just said I cant deal with visitors right now. Then she asked if there was anything at all I needed to tell her..I just denied it flat out. I can't tell her, or anyone. I don't even know why.
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Call a sexual assault hotline

Thank you, I'll try it.

You need to call the cops I don't understand why people who are being sexually and physically abused don't call the cops I can see how you feel anxious or scared but it's better than doing nothing.

I'm guessing it's never happened to you then.
Of course telling is better. Yes I'm scared, but it's more than that. Jesus, if only I could tell! I'd be so ******* happy..but everytime I try..I just freeze up, no words will come out. I've tried writing it, but I just can't. It's like he's inside of me, controlling me, stopping me from doing anything.

You're in a mental hospital for a reason to get help. There's no point in staying there if you're not getting help. Talk to your nurse or a trusting adult if you can't do it in person then do it in an email or write a letter at least do something because sitting back and complaining wont solve anything.

Did you not ******* read any of what I said?! I literally can't.
Don't you dare say I'm just sitting back and complaining! How ******* DARE you?!?!?!

Sorry not what I meant I mean sitting back and not doing anything about it.

Obviously I'm not doing a good job helping you out
you should call 1.800.656.HOPE it's where you talk to a therapist that helps rape victims.
Good luck

Sorry, didn't mean to lash out, it's just a pretty tender subject for me.
Thank you

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What did he try on?

It's a phrase, means like making a move
He raped me, has been doing it since I was 11, and he was 15..he's 18 now and I'm 14

Omg... Do tell the nurse. I was physically abused and only "normal" while in the hospital... I was that way until my dad died. Speak your truth!

I've tried. But I'm just too scared.

Be careful that doesn't become the pattern for life. You must break through the fear to get your confidence back

I just freeze up every time I try

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