For a long time I struggled with my gender identity. I only knew that I was unhappy being female, and I had low self-esteem to boot.
I eventually began to consider becoming FTM, but after looking into it I realized that the idea was really a rather big turn-off to me. The idea of having the surgeries and taking hormones wasn't something I liked, and whilst I have no problem with other people doing that I really didn't want to change my body. And on top of that, I /was/ happy being female at times, I just wanted to /look/ more masculine.
It was perhaps a month ago that I took a gender identity test and my result came up as 'androgynous', and that's when I realized that androgyny was what I wanted. I wasn't aware that it was really an option before, nor was I aware that there were so many people around who identify as such, but after deciding upon that I began to find entire communities like this based around it.
I'm Darcy Taya, and I'm androgynous. I want to find people and friends like me~
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I am male to female and i love androgynous looks. story of my life.

Hey what's up? I know I've been androgynous for, idk, a few years now. I never had a word for it until then, today I was just bored so I pondered looking up if we had a support group anyway. Haha. You're really cute too! Just fyi. :D <3

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I had quite the adventure trying to retrieve the password for my account x_x
But anyways, thank you and hello xD

Mhm, nice to meet you ;D

heh sure thing il check it out nice to meet u btw ;)

I've meant plenty of men who believe that they are androgynous. You should try looking at some of the profiles on :3

thanks for the linkage!

im new to this website and i think im the same way but im a male, id love to meet ppl that are like me too.