There's This . . .

I met a woman on this site and the gender roles between us have become blurred.  It's interesting and oddly intoxicating.  She doesn't feel comfortable initiating sex, such as it is, but other than that, we swap back and forth in lots of ways -- beyond playing around with dominance and submissiveness.  Actually, as far as that goes, our roles are coming into focus.  I'm the emotionally dominant one and she's the sexually dominant one, but the sexual roles are evolving too.  Lately, I feel like it's possible for use to interact more as equals in that way . . . not equals.  I mean, I'm her piece of ***.  But it's evolving as I learn to do not what I think will turn her on, but what feels right.  And as a result, there's a little bit of laughter and more smiles.  That freaks her out.  For her, sex is separate from the emotional connection in the relationship.  I'm hoping to win her over to it though.
MyLoserAlterEgo MyLoserAlterEgo 36-40, M 1 Response Aug 24, 2011

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