Rejection :(

Since coming out as multi gendered androg I have been rejected by all of my friends and others too, my family avoids me, my friends avoid me and even peeps in my recovery community " i am recovering addict" avoid me ? i am not over the top in my appearance by any means i wear mascara and a lil eye shadow my skinny jeans and a cami with a flannel over it sunglasses as i am in so-cal so i don't stick out at all i've been told. peeps just don't understand If i were gay that would be ok and girls can go butch all the way look like total guys but just let a man go fem MAN PEEPS JUST FREAK OUT! I really feel better than ever being myself finally, but i am getting the cold shoulder from everyone, IT SUCKS I wanted and thought i would be accepted just as gay's are but no. not a beautiful man no way gotta be macho and tat back skin headed wife better wearing G. wtf anyway i hate that yard **** it's neanderthal and just fear!.
I am a good looking very fit male body 195 6ft irish german look a lot like the late jfk jr. a lot! i don't understand American society its so sick in the uk and the rest of the world would be a not thing but here its suicide for a male to show tenderness and sensitivity
i hate this country  
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Not only are we about the same age, and you expressed very well my similar position re: gender and sexual identity, but I am in concurrence in my feelings about culture and society, esp. 12-step fellows ...

I am doing my best to find love and tolerance for my NA family's hypocrisy, they are only human (sheep ... okay still working step 10 on this). My part is to be selective of my audience and to pick and choose the safe people, places, and things in my life. To detach from my story and rewrite the script with the setting and characters I want. "All the world's a stage ..." and I can influence the unfolding of every scene.

One of my "stories" here is a poem called "The Woman In Me" ... I am sure you will relate as it compares favorably to your shares here ...

P.S. I'm alcohol abstinent for the past 7 years (for the second time) though I am a MMJ recipient ... between being a male lesbian and using an alternative medicine for anti-seizure prophylaxis, I get my fair share of other people taking my inventory ... follow your path ... keep that personal conscious connection open .... Much Aloha!

hang in there makes you laugh maybe we are never happy cause i always say i wonder what its like to live in ameica wehave judgmental peple here 2 i know your not the only one that does it id show you a link to a tv programme here airered on a sunday called shipwrecked but i dont think the link would work in america<br />
its about a bunch of people that survive on an island fighting to win money after 2 months the one with the most red beads wins it but there are twists andturns along the way<br />
<br />
any way thats not why i mentioned it <br />
there is a person on there much like you<br />
his name is kitten<br />
he wears mascara all the time<br />
he wore a fur coat to comeon to the island<br />
he also wears womens blouses black nail varnish and lip stick some days other days he dress mostly like a man in net vests but with head bands on so you are not alonethis behaviour as far as i kno is asexual behaviour i think you need to look into it tosee which one you are il send you a link aand hope it help you are not alone though i know how you can see him i just thought kitten has a facebook page il find out hislast name so you can find him also dont worry about your parents i havnt spoke too mine for 10 years now kitten dafoe is his name<br /><br />
look at this hope it helps<br />
i know it hurts to be pin pointed as people do but hold on havehope you will get your wish some day