The Best I've Felt In Forever!

I've recently admitted to myself that I am androgynous and I just feel so much better. I'm biologically female, and I love being a female. I am emotionally and mentally a flamboyantly gay man who has some masculine tendencies, which I also like about me. Some days I'm more girly or manly than others. I usually dress in a tomboyish but fitted look. I only dress girly when I'm first meeting people, family occasions, auditions and performing. I recently started doing some crossdressing and it feels awesome and I feel awesome about myself in general. I'll never cross full time, but when I'm older and out on my own I'll probably crossdress half of the time. Admitting who I am to myself just made me feel great. I'm so much happier. I was just wondering if anyone else out there was a straight female crossdresser, or feels like a flamboyant gay man in a girls body?
MaurabethMark MaurabethMark
13-15, F
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Hi MaurabethMarkFirst of all, a big well done in having written such a mature evaluation of yourself, the way you feel and how you see your gender role. There are a lot of people who go through their entire lives never making the connections you have; however, they have not had your advantage of growing up in an age with access to such a wealth of information at their fingertips, as well as one of (comparative) enlightenment regarding gender issues.You need to understand that, as mature as you already appear to be, you are still in the throes of adolescence and, although your body may have reached adulthood, during the next 5-8 years you will undergo a very steep learning curve in terms of what being an adult member of society really means - both the good and the bad.Hold onto your own sense of self-belief, especially when you encounter others whose personal outlook is not as enlightened as yours and perhaps those with whom you have grown up around. These bigots will try to tear you down and tell you that anyone who does not agree with their chauvinistic (women can be chauvinists too) and hypocritical outlook. You do not have to confront them; it is often best to let them have their say and then go about your business ignoring them.From a personal point of view, I have only come to terms with my own gender issues and found a place of peace within myself during the past couple of years and since turning 50 years old; however, I have always felt "different" and often acted on this - not always relating to gender - to my own detriment, as I often chose situations to express myself that were not particularly appropriate. I also have a fairly flambouyant personality and at times this has landed me in a whole heap of trouble.A gay friend of mine once said to me many years ago that my problem was that I'm a gay man trapped in a straight man's body (LOL). I replied "No Les, I'm a lesbian trapped in a straight man's body!" xoDChoose your friends carefully and pick your battles even more carefully.I loved your comments "I recently started doing some crossdressing and it feels awesome and I feel awesome about myself in general" and "Admitting who I am to myself just made me feel great." Crossdressing and allowing yourself to express your true self is awesome.I wish you love & happiness.=80)~

Thank you so much! I'll remember all the advice you gave!!!