What Is That?

Today, at my school (a large building filled with mostly the idiotic and ignorant), I was heading to to the library, when someone I walked by said quite loudly, "What IS that?". Her friend added "Is that a guy or a girl?". I turned around and said "Purple", said "Owls" in Japanese and walked away after doing the classic Adventure Time noodle arm.
Toukos Toukos
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The noodle arm probably made you look even more weird to them, but **** them. Be who you are, and never let anyone make you feel bad for it. BTW Adventure Time if freakin' awesome!

Ah the good ol' noodle arm ^_^

These are all such wonderful experiences. Make my day.

You say "I...am...BATMAN!" then dramatically jump though the nearest window and into the night...even if you have school during the daytime...

That's the answer for everything, basicly. ^_^ Batman... solves all your problems.

I would've been like:

Imma Awesome! MUHAHAHAHA! You lose. Then do the noodle arms.

What rude people. You look beautiful in your profile picture.

perfect response... you are who you are.. and very special, unique, and beautiful

yaaaa adventure time references

"Sometimes you can't hear them talk, other times you can
The same old cliches, is that a woman or a man...."
-Bob Seger

People can be very critical of those who are different than the norm. Great response!

"Be who you are, and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".
-Dr. Seuss

I would have told them that they better hurry back to their special ed class before they hurt themselves.

Omg hilarious


:3 I wuv yew too.

It's happened to me too. Someone asked me whether I was a boy or a girl, I just lifted my top up in the middle of a shopping centre and yeleld "YOU DECIDE, MOTHERF*CKER"
It gets irritating, sometimes.

That is so trucking awesome!!!! *high fives*

YEAH! -high fives-

lol love your avatar btw!

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Thats an awful thing to say.. what is that...like you're not human...people can be such sewers..yes..awesome response..you are thickskinned

Yes. It doesn't bother me anymore, lol. And thank yew.

It is the narrow of mind that can only identify others within the framework of limitations :~)

Gender is whatever the **** you want it to be. Screw this binary yes/no mindset we're locked in to.

Truck yeah!

I can get a bit confused about genderbending too, but I would never say such a thing.
"Purple" is ALWAYS the right answer to things like these. ;-)
If someone asks stupid questions, they're almost not even worth such an answer, because purple is way too awesome for them ignoranties. :-D

You are wonderful.

Aw thank you. ^.^

*slow clap* that was beautiful. Noodle arms are the best.

Haha thanks. Noodle arms are the best of arms.