Discovering Who I Am

Hello Everyone,

           I didn't find out until college that I was androgynous. An college instructor actually introduced me to the term. I did a little research and I found out that I had the characteristics of an androgynous person. I am perfectly happy with who I am as a person,but it is very difficult for me to express myself in the region that I live in. I live in the south and it is somewhat conservative here.  Gender stereotypes abound.There is no way that I can come out as androgynous here without drawing some stares or possibly losing my job, so I thought that this site would help me connect with other people who understand this or have gone through the same thing.Anyway, I hope to meet some like-minded people whom I can share some kind of rapport with.

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2010

I'm definitely there with you, I live in the Southwest, and people are so hard to relate to. I haven't posted my story yet, but it's always nice to meet people who are comfortable with who they are; all the changes I've been going through the last few weeks and feeling like I'm lying to people makes it hard for me.

Hello there, I am very confused right now, and I believe i'm androgynous..but i'm not sure. What kind of research did you do?? Where did you go for it? I am desperatly seeking answers to who I am right now and it's driving me crazy... If you could help out in any ways, i'd be forever grateful.

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I am going through the same thing. I have posted my story. It is called soul gaze. What you'll come to find is that if you take the technical terms away, people are very accepting.