All Tests Came Back Fine

They could find no real reason for the anemia, so it is probably just an absorption issue.  I am waiting for the results of the last test to get to my GP to make an appointment.  Until then, I am trying out a chewable Iron tablet with vitamin C.  It actually tastes pretty good.  Will see if that helps. . .

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Am now trying Iron shots every two weeks & B12 shots. The doctor has been doing this for two months now, but I still notice little difference. If this does not work (when I get blood work redone in two weeks), then I will have to go to hematologist and get Iron infusions. These are suppossed to bring up iron levels more quickly. I am so tired of feeling exhausted all the time! Still sleeping 12 hours or more a day.

I am also now on liquid iron - 3 times a day. It is pretty hard to get down unless I mix it in Cranberry/Grape juice. If this doesn't bring up the iron levels, I will have to go to hematologist and start with iron via IV. I am now getting B12 shots weekly. That has helped give me a bit more energy, but I still am far from normal.

This is the link to the company I bought them from. This site is primarily aimed at people who have had gastric bypass & have trouble absorbing vitamins from their food.<br />
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They taste great, too!

Chewable iron tablet with vitamin c that tastes pretty good?! Must look into that one. I have to reluctantly drink iron infused mineral water that tastes disgusting even when diluted.