Anemia From Too Much Bleeding

As my body prepares for menopause, it gets confused over what it's supposed to be doing, like if it's supposed to be having periods or not. So I don't have periods for a while. Then I have periods that don't stop. I know this is relatively normal and got a pap smear done to be sure I don't have cancer and tried to be patient. But when I started wanting to sleep on my days off and feeling lightheaded, I knew it was time to act. I read up on it on the internet and went to a gynecologist and asked for something to stop the bleeding. He gave me some medicine and the bleeding stopped within 3-4 days. He also checked my blood count (CBC) and has now prescribed vitamins with iron because my numbers were very low. My hemoglobin was 8.9 and my hematocrit was 29. I've never been that anemic in my life. That's lower than most women experience even after childbirth. So I googled 'correcting anemia with nutrition" and found that the best foods to eat are beef, chicken, chicken liver, clams, oysters, and mussels. Meat sources of iron are easier to absorb than vegetable sources so it's important to eat meat if you are not a vegetarian. I'm really tired.

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Hi I am 14 I have a really heavy menstrual cycle and im constantly wanting to sleep and do nothing which is very un like me as im an athlete but don't do an awful lot! I have been to the doctor and told her and had a blood test and still haven't heard back. I'm still feeling the way I did before and my mum thinks that im playing up and that im faking it what can or what do I do? Plz someone help :/

my daughter, just turned 21 and has been hospitalized 3 times from Aug-Dec of '07. Severely anemic.. VERY heavy periods. She has had NUMEROUS blood transfusions because of the blood loss. <br />
they have her taking mega doses of iron daily. <br />
which helps... since she doesnt always eat the way she should.

Hello... I am beginning to go through a similar phase - yes it is tough to be female sometimes. I don't know about you, but I certainly look forward to the light at the end of the 'menopause tunnel' - never having a period again!! That's something I'm looking forward to.