My Life Is Bad

where do i start....i quit my job due to harrassment at in laws suck and are emotionally mother abused father was an past 2 relationships were abusive...ahhhhh..i lost my house due to abuse....i am not happy....the girl who harassed me at work turned all my friends against me and is still currently working there,i have every right to feel angry...also my older sister wont have anything to do with me...blah

kristenx kristenx
31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 4, 2010

i went to the police and did applying for angry so much but your right revenge never solves anything...thanks

kristen, please take the proper steps in making sure of your saftey. if you have to , if you know who it is then I would call the authorities and get a restraining order out on her. leave no room for anything to happen to you ok? Whatever you do, please don't do somthing that may put you behind bars. You have to think that maybe this is what her motive is besides being a pain in the rear. Let me know what you decide to do ok?

now the girl from work is stalking my house.....i will do what i have remorse

I can't say I've had a life like that Kristen, sounds like you've had more than your share. I know it isn't fair for the way people have treated you. maybe its time to stand up for yourself and come out swinging, not in a physical sense. Well you have a friend here that will stand beside you if you don't mind the company..