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im mad at god because when i pray to him and talk to him he doesn't answer me back where is he?

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You see a picture of Jesus in church, any Christain, who is the son of God.

I dimissed god when my brother died many years ago and thought if there is a god I want nothing to do with him/her/it.
But I've now been sober for 20 years, and I know with every cell in my body that some kind of god helped made that happen - a lot! There were many dark moments, including ones in which I could not reach any fellow AAs or any other person to help me through. And out of that came a moment when I realized I was not alone. There was a god and god was with me & cared. What I've found to be true for the years is that god helps me have courage and strength to deal with the things that life has thrown my way. In AA we can have any form of a "higher power." I've come to believe that god is Not all powerful like I was taught as a kid. My god cannot make things happen or not happen. But it (for me The Great Spirit) can give me the inner fortitude on a day to day basis to be able to walk through a lot. I no longer have to wonder why god allows so much suffering. I've decided it's just not in his/her ability. It's really cool. I pray every day


If you don't mind my asking, do you believe God is the cause of all the suffering you've endured?

I don't think God is the cause of my suffering or my problems or any bad things that happen. I think most things are caused by people or nature.

That makes sense. Far too often "People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the LORD." -Proverbs 19:3

How odd. God is always there for those that love Him. Do you love your Creator?

It is kind of hard for imaginary beings to answer your prayers, isn't it? Besides, why would a perfect being answer some prayers and ignore others? It must be more fun to ignore some so they will doubt, so he can burn them in Hell hmm? Maybe roast some marshmallows over the damned.

I agree with that


Hell has no basis in the Bible nor in reality: