My Mother Is A Nightmare

I don't feel my mom loves me I am a middle child and a daddy's girl and every time since my mom and I talk it always ends up into some sort of argument this year my father passed in May and I am just torn my heart is broken so bad and she acts like life is all hunky dory the other day I asked her when she was going to come and visit and the first thing she said was I don't want to come and we argue I want it to be pleasant where the h#ll did that come from I have decided since this is not the first time she has treated me this way that I am not calling her ever again and if she calls I will not answer or return the call because she really hurt me a lot more than she will ever know ....does anyone out there understand?
daddysgirl66 daddysgirl66
41-45, F
Jul 16, 2010