Nothin But An Angry Kid

i get anry at myself for being the problem child. i get frusturated that im the only one who was admitted into a m.h or the only one whos beein in therapy ever since the second grade or the only one whos cut or attepted suicide. i get so angry with myself and i ask myself why, why me and the fact that i cant answer it myself frusturates me. im always angry because im confused and when im uset and down i get angry at others becaue i cant express my feelings properly. i dont like to be angy because it makes everyone angry at me and that makes me angrier. i dont really know how not to be angry becausei have always been angry. im angry that i havent figured myself out yet and im in highschool. i hate being the problem child.
apml apml
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012