I'm so angry at myself. Everytime I try to do something I really care for I screw it up or fail in someway and I don't even know what the hell I did wrong or why I couldn't. I've been depressed on and off for 2 months now because of this. I suffer from OCD and social anxietywhich also keeps me from thinking positive as I always try. I feel most or people don't like me and/or use me, and that most of the ones that do like me, just feel pitty for me. I feel I've made impact in no one and I would be barely missed. I think I don't reach the standards of people I care even though they tell me I do so, I think they just want to avoid saying the raw truth.
I've always tried to act in a way so people think I'm nice, as I think I am/was, but I failed.
I think I've failed in the social, emotional and somewhat mental aspects of my life.
DarthFelidyol DarthFelidyol
Sep 22, 2012