Takne Advantage Of.. Its My Fault!

Im very angry with myself! I allowed myself to be taken advantage of by someone. I seen the red flags, but chose to ignore them.   I got to be smarter next time!

Tazchi Tazchi
26-30, M
7 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I allowed someone to use me for nearly a decade. Now I am angrier than ever at the thought of her. Vent, smile and be happy that you always have a way out.

Well if you heard my long winded some what complicated story that went on for 14 years. You be happier of your situation was less severe.

Thanks for the support and advice!

bring the party to u ,,don't be the party or only the giver .. ppl must give both ways ,, run if it's only u .. giving .. 2 way street always .. be positive , secure stand tall be strong sure in ur self .. Rock Hudson etc...find roll models ..

i empathize for you. some people just aren't aware of the effect their actions can have on others...and then there are thoes that are and are just lower people i think. try to be strong and remember you are youself-regardless of what anyone does or says to you.

Ditto to what Zinco said!

It's unfortunate that there are people out there who search for victims and build their fragile egos on others. Listen to that song "Gotta Be" and learn to recognize the patterns of people who use others...because they always follow a pattern.<br />
don't blame yourself, you are a trusting person and they are the ones who did wrong!