I Am Angry With Myself Over My Uncontrollable Life

I was beat by my mom when I was little. With anything she could get her hands on. Coat hangers, paddles, spoons, etc. My dad beat the **** out of me once for my going to church when I was sixteen. When I was 18 my alcoholic uncle moved in with us and almost beat the **** out of me for no reason at all. When I got married my husband and I got into verbal arguments, but it all came crashing down when I was 28. He was arrested for domestic violence and child abuse. I had to move in with my parents, and my older brother (POS) has been a terror on me ever since. I have tried to have him arrested once for abuse but in this state it is not illegal for a brother to scream at you. I HATE MY LIFE, I HATE HOW MY BROTHER MUNIPULATES MY PARENTS, I HATE MY PARENTS FOR ALL THE ABUSE I HAVE TAKEN ON, I ALSO HATE THE FACT THAT MY KIDS HAVE TO ENDURE THE B.S. DRAMA DAILY. My kids are becoming detached and physically violent with eachother and with me. I have no job and no where else to go. WHAT DO I DO??????? HELP!

chrissy74747 chrissy74747
Mar 14, 2010