I Should Have Let That One Pass

I left with him after i met him in my first year of college, i had a great scholarship and wonderful friends, everyone told me not to go, he told me it was meant to be. He was a drunk and an abuser. He dragged me into poverty and away from my family and friends. I lost everything on a gamble with him, and i've wasted ages 19 through 22 on him, and I feel a million years old. he's gone now, but so is my education prospects, my savings, and the experiences i could have had. I'm not a child anymore and I can't ever go back.

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

It was three years, celebrate that it was not 30. And celebrate the lessons that you learned. Life is tough. Especially when we choose poorly. And it's always a gamble, give yourself a break. And a hug.


i know how you feel. but the more time you are away from him the easier it gets and the more you realise there is so much left for you still.