Basically I'm the most truthful and honest person I know, I never lie and I can't even lie if I wanted to, I suffer from anxiety and hate deceiving people so lying is out of the question for me, I basically feel like Pinocchio when I lie.

But my mom decided to take it upon herself to ask my grandfather over text; as ME; if I could possibly get money to pay for college courses I'm not even taking but so she could pay some bill we have, my brother now thinks I am taking college courses so now not only one but two people I'm being forced to lie to, I asked her what am I suppose to say when asked about the courses and what I was learning or what people I've met and what friends I've made?

She acts like it's no big deal but that's only because it's not her but me that has to lie, she didn't even bother to ask me about this, I only found out soon after she did it, she knows for a fact I cannot lie and how I am about it but she didn't even take me into consideration.
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18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014