It's been a few days and this anger seems to stay. Mainly because I'm angry at ignorant people who make false informations travel fast, and they grow like weeds. They don't want to hear what you have to say. They know better and don't want to debate over a topic. I feel like I can't bottle my frustration and anger right now.

I know it's about stress. I have deadlines ahead and everything I care about seems to go bad. I tried to have a logical argument with some people sharing fake informations on facebook. It was like talking to a wall and it made my anger rise.

It's lingering inside me. I try to relax, to stay calm, but I like my anger in those situations. Angry is better than sad.

I can't make anything about what bothers me right now, except being angry, let this fire eat me up inside, and wait for it to calm down.

I can't stomach people who cultivate ignorance to force fear down people's throats.
AyanasSight AyanasSight
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

I get ya girl :) you want to talk? About anything? :) (just so you know that if you need someone to discuss whit, or talk whit, im here <3 :) )