I Wanna Punch My Husband In The Neck!

So yesterday my husband left for work in a huff because I didn't leave him any milk for his breakfast. I really didn't think he would get so mad because he has a couple of other things to eat or he could grab something from McD's or BK, right? Well, when he slammed the door on his way out I new something was wrong.

So I decided that I would not go to work and instead would stay home to clean the house, do laundry, go to the store and make a fantastic dinner for him. Nice wifey things... and I admit that I'm not the best wife most days.

So top to bottom, I cleaned the house. Scubbed the shower (you ladies know what a pain in the *** that is too!), Shook the rugs out, Did five loads of laundry, Cleaned the fridge, Dusted the blinds, and Polished the hardwood floors. I even folded Ungrateful Bastard's clothes... which I never do! Then I went to the store and bought the fixin's for Paella and tapas (and some milk of course). This is a major meal... lots of ingredients and long prep time. I spent $177 at the store and bought his favorites: beer brats and cherries (and a premo bottle of Rum for me).

He came home at 8:30 and the first thing he did was ***** at me for leaving the newspapers on the lawn and not having a bag in the garbage can. He acknowledged that I folded his clothes but didn't say thanks. He enjoyed dinner well enough and did thank me for that... after a bottle of wine anyway.

But after I spend all day cleaning and cooking (it was midnight when we finished eating) he inists that I go with him to take the dog for a walk. Now, let me add that my husband runs half marathons and has a habit of taking the dog out for at least an hour. Naturally, I protest. Not only because he has completely neglected to notice that I cleaned the entire house, but beause I was exhausted. He said "Come on. The excercise will be good for you!" Like shaking rugs out and cleaning the shower is not excercise you ignorant ****! Nevermind that since he pointed out the celulite on the back of my thighs, (as if I didn't know it was there..) I've been working out every day.

I finally agreed to a 20 min walk just to shut him up. An hour later, after we have traversed two parks and half the city and my RA has decended on my shoulders, feet and hips like Nagasaki, I arrive, limping, at my front door. I barely have the energy to pick myself off the toilet before crashing head first into bed. I don't even remember him coming to bed, which he says was about an hour after me. Thanks for making sure I was OK, *******!

Then when I wake this morning to go to work he asks, "Whats wrong?" as I struggle to get dresssed (because I'm in so much pain from my RA). I simply answered, "My husband is a fuckstick. That's what's wrong." I heard a feeble, "Thank you for dinner last night" as I left the house, slamming the door in my wake.
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**** can the ***., if he doesn't straighten up. his hour long walks with the dog at night tells me, he's up to no damn good. also he's awful selfish. it won't get any better if you don't do something soon.
did he say.... "you shouldhave told me you were taking off today. I would have called in sick too. coulda spent the day together" ?

you really should get counseling, your really ******* up

what's this supposed to mean?

you have what sounds like a very good husband, and your cheating on him, letting your mind wonder all over the place - you sound like you're purposely sabotaging your life for some reason - maybe afraid of success or happiness, who knows. you excuse your bad character and cheating like it was just a matter of having too much desert - just no big deal. what the **** - why are you trying to destroy what you have?

Thats funny your far to good for him ,,,,,,,,,, im a bloke my dad was the same old vit growing up,,, l,,, now to get your hubby back make sure he sorts you out in the bed room ,,, you know I know us men are worn after couple of hours or half hour,,,,, wear the the sod out

he turned 37 this year and it seems like his stamina went out the door with the new year. lucky to get 20 min.


oh yea i would be so pissed also.